From a an empty block of land to a fully landscaped, furnished house and anything in between – Errol Collett Building can get the job done.

From concept to completion, our services include:

  • Design – this starts right away, looking at the land to be built on effects the type of house to be built. Split level, two storeys. Design the house to suit the block
  • Starting to draw lines and pictures of the size of the land, positions of buildings, houses, renovations, basically sketching it all out before the final approval for build.
  • Plans is the final preparation of the sketches supplied. Plans put it all to scale with specifications, required approvals, contracts required by the Council.
  • Filling out forms, liaise with either the Council or Private Certifier. Acquire all required signatures, pay all associated fees and follow up on all lodgements
  • Engineering are structural details required for the building of any structure. Plans are supplied for buildings where certification is required by Council.
  • Excavation is based on the details supplied. Whether drilling, piercing, trenching, cut and fills, retaining walls, all of these are part of the building process.
  • Digger is the machinery required for removing the soil and drilling the holes. Making sure that all care is taken to avoid damage to gardens and trees. All efforts are made to minimise disruption during this stage.
  • We provide a truck for the removal of rubbish and excavated material. It is also used for the delivery of building materials to the site. This is a requirement for almost every job and it is important to liaise with the builder to ensure safe access to the site.
  • Formwork is the next stage of the building process. Whether large or small, formwork is required for every concrete pour. Next steps are the installation of plastic, steel mesh and steel reinforcing bars.
  • Concrete in its solid form is a very durable and strong part of the building process. Concrete in its wet state is a very flexible material but installed and finished requires a good trades person.
  • We can supply and install both steel or timber frames and trusses. We make all our own frames which are designed specifically for each job. Trusses are made to order but in some situations a hand pitched roof is the simplest and easiest option. Either way, we can do it all.
  • Carpentry is at the core of the building process. This service is required throughout the building process. Frames and trusses need to be installed and the carpenter is the one to do it.
  • Fascia and Eaves are installed to take the roof coverings and the gutters. Either metal or timber are the main fascia materials used and fibro for the eaves. Other materials are available and can be installed by our tradesmen.
  • Roof coverings are a must and there is a large variety of materials available for this job. We can match all existing materials and are able to install slate if required. The usual tiles and metal are the main materials used.
  • We can supply and install Windows and doors. Our doors and windows are available in all configurations, colours and sizes, and your choice of metal or timber.
  • External cladding, fibro, weatherboards, vertical, horizontal, timber, metal and brickwork are all available.
  • Brickwork and sandstone products are available for use anywhere of your choosing, and look great when matched back with your landscaping materials.
  • Lock up is usually completed once the roof is on, all external windows and doors have been installed and all external cladding is complete. This stage of the project allows builders and tradesmen to work inside without having to worry about the weather conditions.
  • Gyprocking, villaboard or any type of internal lining is available. All jobs will be completed with the finish looking how it should. Plaster cornices and friezes are also available and can be professionally installed by our team.
  • Waterproofing is a must in all wet areas and needs to be installed correctly. All our building and waterproofing work is completed to a professional standard using reliable products that includes a guarantee.
  • Tiling to bathrooms, laundries, floors and splashbacks are the finishing touches that require professional installation. Errol Collett Building has reliable tilers as part of the team, so you can be assured the job will be done right every time.
  • Kitchens are considered the heart of the home another important part of the finishing process. We can supply and install made to measure cabinetry for your new home, or replace an old kitchen in an existing home. We can also supply and install cabinetry for laundries.
  • Floor coverings including tiles, carpets, floating floors, polished T & G flooring and polished concrete are all available – let us know what you require and we can source it for you.
  • Painting externally and internally, matching existing or covering existing. Whatever your taste we can complete the job within the Australian Standards.
  • Landscaping, Facing, flooring , drive way clothes line etc are the finishing touches. We will remove all rubbish and clean the area.


Errol Collett Building is based in Scone and services the Upper Hunter Valley – call us today for a free quote on your next building or renovation project.